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Sebastian Vettel - Ocon overtake required full risk

Sebastian Vettel - Ocon overtake required full risk

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    June 12th 2017

Sebastian Vettel says his overtaking move on Esteban Ocon in the closing stages of the Canadian Grand Prix required a big risk but dismissed Ocon's suggestion it was unfair.

After making an early pit stop for a broken front wing, Vettel battled back from last place to fourth over the course of the race. He claimed the last two positions from Ocon and his Force India teammate Sergio Perez and both passes required bold moves under braking.

With Ocon, he benefitted from the Force India teammates battling between themselves at the final chicane and then launched his Ferrari up the inside on the entry to Turn 1 at the start of the following lap. The speed he carried into the apex meant Ocon was left with nowhere to go on the exit and the Force India had to take to the grass to avoid a collision.

"It was full risk!" Vettel said after the race. "I wanted to get past, full stop.

"I was surprised because I was so much faster and I thought it should be fairly straightforward to pass them, but also with two cars the tow effect is smaller and the loss of downforce is quite big so I was sliding around quite a lot, and more than I thought.

"They had a run at each other into Turn 13 and 14 and I hooked up the exit, which was good, and then I committed half way down the straight and said 'I go down the inside no matter what'.

"Esteban had a bit of a wobble [under braking] and I reacted to that and it was really slippery on the inside and I just made Turn 1, which was fine and enough, so I'm happy with that."

After the race Ocon spoke on his team radio to say "He cannot do that, it's not fair racing at all", but Vettel felt the move was well within the rules.

"Well, I had the inside [of the corner], so I can't stop the car more than that. He had the chance to back off sooner, but we are fighting and I came from the inside where there is literally no grip and I just tried to make the corner."

Vettel, who still leads the championship by 12 points, said he enjoyed the race but admitted it was not the result Ferrari had expected coming to Canada.

"The target going into the race, or what we imagined was a different one, but when you have damage then, yeah, you focus on what's going on and I was fairly busy the whole race and had a lot of things to do. From a racing point of view, it was great and I really enjoyed it - it wasn't boring at all. But the pace was there and the car deserved to finish higher up."

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